“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning”

Thank you for wanting more information about a Perk of the Job Franchise.

Our experience of franchising goes back to 1999 when we started growing a ‘sister’ company using franchising.

Perk of the Job Limited was established in 2012 and we feel that the time is now right to continue growing by using franchising.


What makes us unique?

Perk of the Job is a new way for businesses to train and develop their staff – our clients are businesses in the UK and overseas.

Being trained and developed is the number 1 Perk that people want in their job BUT .................. there are 2 main barriers to training and development:

We provide online learning where delegates can choose a personal or business development topic to learn. They read it, learn it and finish that topic completely in around 15/20 minutes - TRULY BITE-SIZE. Therefore business clients allocating Time for training and development is no longer a barrier.

Clever I.T. runs in the background logging the learning for each delegate. This additionally gives our business clients their own quasi Learning Management System. Delegates complete their own personal action plans during the learning to make sure that what they have learnt is built back into the business. There is also a separate ‘Articles’ section. If delegates have children, then the children can access their own ‘Young Learner’ section to develop 10 core 'soft skills' that should be covered in school but are not! There is no extra charge for this - it is another Perk of the Job.

Business client subscriptions start from only £ 250 a month (per business not per delegate) so only 20 clients should provide you with an annual gross profit of £ 60,000 (£ 250 x 12 months x 20 clients = £ 60,000).

'We improved our Time Management in only 20 minutes!'

Be Your Own Boss - Work from home and set your own hours.

  • Take control of your lifestyle and take control of your time - set your hours to suit your lifestyle.
  • As your own boss, you can focus on achieving YOUR goals and enjoy the rewards of your effort.
  • We present you with a professional and profitable route to being your own boss.

Why join Perk of the Job?

  • Are you confident communicating at any level?
  • Do you have a desire to succeed?
  • Deliver a B2B recession resistant service to global brands and to local SMEs.
  • Support for you and your business at every stage of development.
  • Be motivated and reach your growth objectives whether that be £50K or £500K per annum.

How do we make sure the learning makes a difference?

Knowledge – This is the content of the topics provided by Perk of the Job. It is the foundation for learning and the base on which to build development.

Understanding – This is the first step in completing a Personal Action Plan. Delegates read their chosen topic – Knowledge – and then delegates make a note of at least 3 Personal Action Points. This demonstrates their understanding of the topic as they transfer the learning into their personal working environment.

Application – Once the Personal Action Plan is completed, and at least 3 Personal Action Points are highlighted. It is then time to apply those in the work place. These Points will more often than not be applied on-going throughout a typical working day.

Evaluation – It is important to review – Evaluate – the Personal Action Plans regularly as there may be many new things that have been learned when reading a topic, but delegates have decided to prioritise a couple that are the most relevant first.

The Market

Extract from ‘TRAINING JOURNAL’ last year.

Time and money for employee training is always tight. As such, learning and development (L&D) departments striving to meet business objectives efficiently are constantly looking for ways to maximise their return on training investment.

Current trends ………….. indicate that …………there will be a move towards bite-sized training and training on the move, so employees can dip into programmes when and where it suits them. Here ………….. trends to look out for ……………

One of our Customers based in Dubai

1. Bite-sized learning – in today’s digital age of the rapid consumption of information, attention spans are short. Learning modules need to adapt to suit the fast-paced world we now live in. And they need to be available at home, at work and on-the-go. Understanding the psychology of learning helps as one size doesn’t fit all; people learn at different rates and in different ways.

We’ve seen that flexible training approaches that can adapt deliver the best results for enterprises, and online learning programmes are ideal for a personalised learning experience. They can adapt the speed at which topics are presented to conform to the learner’s needs, make use of more or less repetition to reinforce learning, and bring back content that learners show weakness in. Adapting content delivery in this way helps learners train at their own pace and retain the information much more effectively

2. M-learning, or Mobile Learning – tech-savvy employees relate to digital learning; it fits with their lifestyle. As more jobs move away from the traditional office-based ‘nine-to-five,’ mobile learning, or ’m-learning’ is gaining ground. With people working flexible hours across a number of locations, working from home or spending a lot of time on the move, the availability of learning programmes on mobile devices means they can do their training at a time and place that suits them.

This approach also helps L&D departments implement campaigns across geographical locations. Digital learning programmes that synchronise content, providing access to the full functionality via whichever device is being used, are particularly versatile.

Who are we looking for?

  • Anyone who has a desire to change their life and make serious money following a proven system in a growing sector.
  • You MUST be ethical and have:
  • Drive and determination.
  • A Willingness to learn and follow a system.
  • Commitment and accountability.

The investment.

  • The investment to launch your franchise is currently at a special offer of only £ 9,950 plus VAT for each of the first 6 franchisees that complete.
    (You can reclaim the VAT at the end of your first trading quarter).
  • Two of the main high street banks are happy to lend up to 50% of the franchise fee and working capital. We are happy to discuss financing options with you and point you in the direction of funding.

What do I get for my investment?

  • Full training and ongoing support.
  • Your own exclusive territory in the UK – which would cover around 10,000 SMEs plus.
  • Your own profile on our main web site.
  • Use of our domain name in your own dedicated email address.
  • A complete and comprehensive franchise package.


  • Perk of the Job provides all franchisees with in-depth training from day one so that they gain a thorough understanding of the services on offer, the marketplace, business operations and much more.
  • You will also have our comprehensive Operational Manual throughout the duration of your agreement, so that you can refer to every aspect of the business practice quickly and easily.


  • Other Key Factors: You only need 10 customers to make a good profitable business. We will work with you using our Sales Manual helping you to draw your marketing plan to get clients BEFORE YOU DECIDE WHETHER TO GO AHEAD WITH THE FRANCHISE OR NOT – THERE IS NO COST AND NO OBLIGATION WHEN WE DO THIS. If you like what you have seen so far, and could see yourself as part of our network, why not get in touch and we can talk this through in more detail?

What do I get for my Investment of £ 9,950?

Easy to get started instantly - with minimal experience - low set-up costs and low overheads with high returns

Only 20 clients should bring you in an annual gross profit of £ 60,000 - there are modest royalties of only 10%

You gain complete freedom and independence – and no boss to answer to - you can make a fabulous income, whilst enjoying a great lifestyle

You can choose to start on a part-time basis, from home - all you require is internet access and a phone

There is no stock to handle or store and no employee management or hassle

Get paid in advance – giving positive cash flow

Subscription based - so any sale brings money in monthly/quarterly for as long as the client stays

A large and exclusive territory defined by postcode/s

Operational Manual / Sales Manual

Marketing advice / support / plan - where to find business - a tailored marketing plan designed as your plan for your business

Arranged national franchisee meetings / national franchisee training days

Back-up and support of Head Office ongoing

  • personalised company email address with domain name
  • support in printing of stationery using Perk of the Job’s templates (Permission to use our trademarks and intellectual properties)
  • personalised area and contact details on our main web site

Hands-on support to assist with raising capital through third parties subject to status

(Perk of the Job is already approved by some major high street banks)

Free Training on Perk of the Job – how it works and confidential ‘back-room’ details

Head Office prepared Newsletters for clients

A near 20-years franchising heritage behind you through our ‘sister’ company